Asset and company succession

The permanent retention of family assets requires a timely and long-term planning of the succession. This will apply for the event that corporate assets are affected. A focus is placed among others on the tax-optimised structure so that inheritance and gift tax is reduced or can possibly even be avoided completely. As the asset structure and life style are often oriented on an international level the successor planning has become a cross-border challenge.

As an internationally-oriented firm we are pleased to draw up a customised solution together with you, which takes your individual interests and needs into account. The close cooperation of lawyers and tax advisors at Baumgartner & Partner enables a competent and comprehensive successor advice from one provider.

We will in particular be pleased to be available to you for the following services:

  • Development of a comprehensive successor concept both for private persons as well as for entrepreneurs
  • Design of wills and inheritance contracts
  • Design of gift contracts and regulations within the scope of the anticipated succession
  • Advice with regard to questions of the matrimonial property regime and design of regulations under matrimonial property regimes
  • Tax optimisation of the asset and company succession
  • Supervision and implementation of foundation concepts
  • Design of enduring powers of attorney and living wills
  • Legal and tax accompaniment of the move to/from a location within the framework of the asset succession
  • Executions of wills
  • Advice with regard to questions of international inheritance law and matrimonial property regime (IPR and EU-ErbVO [Inheritance Regulations])
  • Creation of the necessary tax returns for the Inland Revenue Office
  • Out-of-court and in-court advice in case of inheritance disputes

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